Covid 19 Statistical Analysis & Risk Assessment

Latest Statistics:

As our world, and Australia in particular, descends into a dystopian nightmare we never thought we’d see in our lifetime, it’s a worthwhile venture to look at the statistics surrounding this “pandemic,” statistics that our politicians and media seem unaware of.

Life expectancy (average of all deaths in Australia 2015-2019) = 82.9

Average age of (Alpha) Covid deaths (“with” Covid) up until Feb 2021 = 84.6

Average age of (Delta) Covid deaths Feb 2021 until present = 73.3

Average age of vax deaths (Aug and Sep data only) =  68.8

The number that jumps out of this is the difference of more than 10y between the Alpha and Delta strains. Given that Delta has a lower Infection Fatality Rate than Alpha and is therefore less deadly (IFR of Delta is lower than the flu) how do we explain the difference in mortality ages? One conclusion that is possible is that the data is contaminated by vax deaths. That is, some people are vaxed (with mRNA) and the PCR test picks up enough fragments to test as positive for Covid.

I asked Dr Paul Costantino whether this was a possibility, and the short answer is yes, but only if the PCR test is not done correctly. If it is done correctly it won’t confuse the two, but done poorly it can.

So what are the risks of taking the vax?

Risk of Death:

Based on TGA data, your chance of being killed by it are 1 in about 25,000.

As it is widely acknowledged, however, that vax deaths are underreported, the real numbers are almost certainly greater.

How much greater?

It’s easy to find people that’ll have a guess at this, but I want something more substantial. Now, no one knows for sure, but I eventually found someone that is at least able to have an educated guess – a CDC whistleblower.

The whistleblower said adverse events “may be” underreported by a factor of 5. Based on this, we may fix this as the upper limit of error in the data. Thus, we can say that your chance of being killed by the vax is somewhere between 1 in 26,520 and 1 in 5,304.

In terms of daily numbers, this means that the vaxs are killing between 2.6 (TGA data) and 13 people per day.

To put the worst case scenario in context, 1 in 5,000 is the same risk you take every two years to drive on the roads. So it,s not a big number, but it’s not nothing either.

Risk of Heart Damage

One of the other “side effects” is damage to your heart – either pericarditis or myocarditis. From what I can understand this damage is irreversible, and drastically reduces your life expectancy. The relevant (combined) numbers for these two conditions are 1 in 12,610 and 1 in 2522 (factor of 5).

Let’s now combine death and heart damage under “serious, permanent injury.”

Risk of Serious, Permanent Injury:

If we combine the statistics above, the risk of suffering either death or permanent damage to your heart is between 1 in 8547 (TGA Data) and 1 in 1709 (factor of 5).

OH&S Act

If your employer mandates a vax for you, they are responsible for your safety under Sect 19 of the OH&S Act 1984.

If any adverse events occur they are directly responsible. It is therefore incumbent upon your employer to do a risk assessment between the two choices they have – either mandate the vax, or don’t mandate the vax.

As your employer is directly responsible for your safety, what’s good for the employer is good for the employee. The employer needs to ask two questions:

1. What might happen?

2. What legal risk am I exposed to?

The question of legal risk devolves into 3 questions:

1. Did a serious and permanent injury occur?

2. Did it happen at work?

3. Could it have been prevented?

Before an employer can be prosecuted under the OH&S Act, all three points must be proven.

Let’s now carry out a risk assessment on the two scenarios:

1. The employer doesn’t mandate the vax

What might happen?

An employee might catch Covid 19

What legal risk is the employer exposed to?

1. Did a serious and permanent injury occur?

88% of people that catch Covid19 are asymptomatic (CDC Data). Most that have symptoms have flu-like symptoms for a week or so and are fine. Most people that suffer serious sickness are beyond retirement age and are unlikely to be an employee. A person in their 50s or 60s might become seriously ill or die if they are generally unwell or obese. 2/3 of Covid fatalities have at least six other comorbidities. Percentage of fatalities with no comorbidities in 0.8%. That is, in only 0.8% of cases is Covid the sole cause of death.
So can this point be proven? Highly unlikely, but it’s possible

2. Did the injury occur at work?

This is impossible to prove. How can it be proven where you contracted a virus?

3. Could it have been prevented?

As it is a well established fact that Covid vaxes don’t stop you passing it on, you cannot prove that the person wouldn’t have caught the virus if the entire workforce had been vaxxed.

Thus, as all three points can’t be proven, the risk to the employer is zero.

1. The employer does mandate the vax

What might happen?

An employee might catch Covid 19

An employee might either die, or suffer permanent and irreversible damage to the heart

What legal risk is the employer exposed to?

1. Did a serious and permanent injury occur?

Obviously yes.

2. Did the injury occur at work?

Again, obviously yes if your employer made you take the vax.

3. Could it have been prevented?

Again, obviously yes, by not taking the vax.

Thus, as all three points are easily proven, the risk to the employer is substantial.

The only defence they have is “he was going to take it anyway – we didn’t force him.” If you do choose to take the vax, create a paper trail to cover you and your loved ones if an adverse outcome occurs. Write them a registered letter in which you explicitly state that you are taking the vax against your will, and only to keep your job. That removes this defence.

So how does the OH&S Act square with the government edict? I’ve no idea, and I suspect that Mark McGowan doesn’t either. But it’s worth asking the question of your employer.

Which vax to take?

If you do carry out your own JSA and decide that, all factors taken into account, you will get vaxed, which one should you take? In a word, the AZ. The mRNA (Pfizer) is potentially far more lethal. That may go against what you’ve heard, but that’s because Pfizer have their fingers in most media pies and are controlling the narrative. Look at this –  they aren’t even concealing it anymore.

The short answer is that with the AZ you’re more likely to get a negative reaction, but it’s more likely to be a mild reaction. That was my reading of the data and that is consistent with the views of Dr Paul Costantino, that were expressed in a private communication.

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