What use is Bleach?

If you watch any of the forensic crime shows on TV you will know that many murderers attempt to clean the crime scene with bleach, as though it is a cure-all for any stain.

You will also have noticed that it usually fails, and they are caught.

The reason is that bleach is actually not very good for cleaning at all, and in fact I don’t recommend it for anything. It is a (very strong) oxidiser, and that’s all. If you want to remove stains by oxidation, any of the “oxy action” products will do the job without destroying the fabric.

And when it comes to cleaning mould out of your shower recess, or anywhere else, an oven cleaner will do a better job than bleach. If you want to disinfect things, 70% (or higher) metho will do the job.

But you still need it in pools ans spas – at about 2ppm it is a very effective biocide

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6 thoughts on “What use is Bleach?

  1. Dr Chemical – I can attest to the truth of your dismissal of bleach as a shower mould cleaner. Just this afternoon I tried using it to remove black stains on my shower floor. Totally useless. I give the oven cleaner a go as you suggest.

    Thanks for this site – great advice.

  2. I can’t comment on the aczema, but bleach won’t damage your respiratory system. It’s an irritant, so in high levels it might make you cough, but it won’t cause any damage

  3. Hi Doc, my son has eczema on his skin at times and it does it infected. Some doctors have prescribed bleach baths (very diluted) and other doctors have told us no and that it’s a bit extreme. Recently, a nurse friend of ours also said that the bleach fumes maybe harmful to the respiratory system. I’m at a loss at who to believe.


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