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  1. I’m not sure what you are using, but the best kitchen benchtop cleaners are the d-limonene based cleaners. These are called citrus or orange-oil based cleaners – a brand tha I use is called Simple Green, but there are others. Just look for (generally) orange coloured products with d-limonene in the ingredients

  2. This is a bit tricky, as Al dulls quickly upon exposure to air as it oxidises very quickly. So even if you can polish it, unless you can coat it with something it’ll just dull again.
    Try BRASSO – it’s a very old product, but works remarkably well. Alternatively, AJAX powder cleanser is a more aggressive abrasive and may do the job. To then coat it, try Mr Sheen or an automotive #1 polish. You could also try a #2 polish to get the water stains off, but Idon’t think it’d be aggressive enough.
    Let me know how you get on, and I’ll add it to my repertoire of tips.

  3. White ants are something I wouldn’t tackle myself, as if you get it wrong, you lose your house.
    Essentially you need to create a barrier – either chemical or physical – to stop them getting in. If they already ARE in, then you’d better get a professional in quick smart – try Allpest.
    If on the other hand, you have some just in a dead tree in your backyard, Mortein will do it. But if you have some in your back yard, they aren’t far from your house, so make sure it’s protected

  4. Yes, I have a PhD in Chemistry. I used to work in the aerosol/insecticide industry but now work in waste management. I see you’re in the pest business yourself – any comments you have would be welcomed.
    I hope to turn this into a full-time job – preferably like Dr Karl, but it’s still early days

  5. My bull bar is aluminium not stainless steel. It has dulled and has water stains that none of the proprietry metal polishes will remove. Can you suggest the best way to remove and restore its former glory please? Thanks Richard C

  6. I often catch you session on 6PR.
    But never catch your name?
    Always enjoy it?
    Are you a Dr?
    What Qualifacations do you have?
    What do you do for work?

  7. Hi Dr Chemical hope you are well, congratulations on the birth of your son. I was listening to you this morning on 6PR talking about growing your own chemical. My question is. I live in an older suburb in Perth (Freo) in the past they have used chemicals in the ground (DDT) will growing vegetables at home even having chickens at home will any toxic chemicals that had been used in the past be found in the vegetables eggs etc….Thanks have a great day Tony

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