How to Kill Ants (outside)

If you have an ant problem, it’s always a big problem. That is, whether it’s inside or outside, you have ants in their thousands, or possibly millions.

In this situation, forget fly-sprays – they don’t kill enough, and in any case they leave a residue.

The only course of action is to get some WMDs – something that will wipe them out in their millions.

Last week I was attacked by ants while trying to hang out the washing. The cement paving near the clothesline was infested with them, so I had to take drastic action.

In this circumstance, I resorted to a remedy that we used to use as kids to kill trapdoor spiders – boiling water.

So I boiled the kettle, took it outside, and poured it down the crack between two pavers from which the ants seem to be coming. Then I did it again, and again, and again. Over about a two week period, I tipped boiling water down the crack, and along the ant trails, wherever I saw them a couple of times a day.

Now they are all but wiped out, and I can hang out the washing without being attacked. But there is an odd and slightly smell in the air in the vicinity – cooked ants.

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