Dirty and greenish glass fence

Hello Doc. This portion of the fence is difficult to reach the outside. It is high off the ground (an apartment balcony) so unable to get to the outside. Could you please suggest what product I could apply. I guess I will need to acquire a long- handled tool for the job, unless there is some sort of spray and forget’, like the 30 second one which is for use on concrete etc. Thank you.

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Thank you very much Doc.

Love this website.

Dr Chemical

There is no such thing as a “spray and forget” product for glass, as whatever you use will eventually dry and leave a residue. For glass there is simply nothing better than the original Windex. Get a squeegee with a sponge on one side and rubber strip on the other. Spray some on the sponge, wipe it around, then swipe off. If the “dirt” is minerals from dried bore or pool water first, use an acid cleaner first – Ajax Spray n Wipe will work nicely